Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar vs Vettaikaran at Chennai BO

Its going to be an exciting weekend at the Chennai box office with James Cameron's Avatar and Vijay's Vettaikaran clashing with each other for box office supremacy. Both are much anticipated, most awaited movies of the year. Both movies have been promoted well.


Avatar has been in the making for close to 4 years and is reportedly the world's costliest movie ever. It is releasing in both 3D and 2D versions. It boasts of never-before-seen advancements in 3D and CGI technology. Most importantly, the director of Avatar is James Cameron whose previous works include Aliens, Terminator, Terminator II, True Lies, Abyss and Titanic. The movie has already generated lots of positive buzz around the world. Those who got the see the paid previews are raving about the movie.

Vettaikaran has also been in the making for a while now. Sun Pictures are releasing the movie and they have been hyping it up for the past few weeks. Some people say Vettaikaran is make or break movie for Vijay as his past few movies have not exactly set the cash registers ringing. The storyline of Vettaikaran is unknown as of now. If initial reports are to be believed, Vijay is playing a college student (yet again!). This time around he is a plus two student who fails over and over and finally reaches college. He gets to romance Anushkha and also fights off the baddies in his own style. Vettaikaran songs are already a hit with frequent playtime in FM radio stations. With Vijay's mass appeal and aggressive promotion by Sun pictures, Vettaikaran should bring in the crowds in large numbers.

My gut feel is that both movies will take a bumper opening at the BO. How they fare eventually will depend on the quality of the movie and the word of mouth generated after the initial weekend. Lets see who reigns over the Chennai BO this weekend!


Karthi said...

yes, its definitely going to be an explosive weekend... but I have doubt 'Vettaikaran' will be a BO hit.

Vivekanandan.M said...

Yeah its a good weekend for movie goers, curious to see Avtar in 3D version.

Regarding "Vettaikaran", already victims started lamenting of their worst experience as review. Have a look at it here:

Comparing "Vettaikaran" with "Avtaar", i dont know why you hate James this much. :)

Arun said...

I wasn't comparing vettaikaran with Avatar. They belong to totally different genres. Just that both were releasing on the same day so people might be planning to watch any one of these.

Judging by initial reviews, Vettaikaran may not last longer in theaters.