Monday, December 14, 2009


Happened to watch Se7en on TV yesterday. A dark, disturbing film, gripping till the last frame.

The movie stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey and is directed by David Fincher. This is the second time I am watching this movie and this time I was able to follow the dialogues better, thanks to the sub titles.

The plot is about 2 detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, trying to solve a series of murders that seem to be inspired by the '7 deadly sins'. There have been many movies with similar themes in the past, but what makes this one different is the picturization. The director employs a dark visual tone almost throughout, with frequent visuals of dark alleys, rooms, and constant rain in the night. Music by Howard Shore blends with the visuals very well. There is a lot of strong language throughout along with some gory scenes, so the movie may not be ideal for kids.

Casting is another area in which the movie scores. Brad Pitt, Freeman and Paltrow are very aptly cast. Although Kevin Spacey has very little screen time, his character is well etched and remarkable. Watch out for the climax, its totally unexpected and shocking one. The movie is a must watch, especially if you like the drama/mystery genre.


Karthi said...

A good movie to watch. Nice review.

SRK said...

Yes, disturbing but great movie. Can't watch it more than once though. Very disturbing to me..

Arun said...

Thanks for dropping by

Karthi: It was not a review as such. Just a few lines about what I felt about the movie.

SRK: yes, very disturbing. i saw it after a long gap, so its ok.

shankar.n said...

i havent seen the film yet. Your blog compels me to watch this movie. Wl c and let u know my comments.