Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stray dogs shot dead - yet again!!

Read a news item in the Hindu today - it said around a dozen stray dogs were shot dead by 'Narikuravas' in a multiplex in ECR.


These Narikuravas were employed by the management of the multiplex. From the article, I am assuming the 'multiplex in ECR' they are talking about is Mayajaal. Why can't they just say Mayajaal instead of saying 'a multiplex along East Coast Road'? But thats not the point here.

Is there no other way to curb the stray dog menace other than killing those poor animals? They could have thrown stones and scared them away or something of that sort. But why kill them? Really shocking! Man's best friend is killed by man himself.

Update: Around a dozen animal rights activists protest in front of Mayajaal. This news item was seen in Hindu couple of days ago.


Aparna said...

yeah it's very pathetic indeed. Why can't they at least ask Blue Cross or some other organization to help them out?!

kingofchennai said...

yes it is pathetic. and there was some feeble protest registered by some organization.. thats it!!

sami said...

yes it is very sad to hear such things. here too govt did and got protest from animal organizations and then they got back.
they are very poor animals ! why cant they tell to some organisations to help them.
stupid guys