Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who will make the 15 on the 12th?

Feb 12, 2007 will be the day when the wise men of Indian cricket (read selectors) meet up, sit around a table, discuss, and then announce the name of 15 men who will represent India in the coming cricket world cup in West Indies. While most of the players automatically pick themselves, there might be few surprises as well.

Now if I were a selector, I will pick these players

  1. Tendulkar - a legend who can walk into any team.
  2. Dravid - the wall's presence is a definite must if you are to win matches abroad.
  3. Ganguly - the prince of calcutta is back to form now
  4. Zaheer - because is in good bowling form of late.
  5. Kumble - because lot of batsmen fail to read him and get out.
  6. Dhoni - for his explosive batting and good wicket keeping
  7. Harbhajan - for his knack of picking up wickets at crucial times.
  8. Sreesanth - for his ability to pick up wickets even though he might go for a few runs early on.
  9. Yuvraj - solid batsman in the middle order.
  10. Sehwag - can be a devastating batsman when on song. useful slow bowler at the death.
  11. Agarkar - an experienced bowling allrounder, good bowler at the death.
  12. Dinesh karthik - good batsman who can double up as wicket keeper if needed. good team man.
  13. Pathan - if he rediscovers his bowling form during the world cup, he can be very effective.
  14. Kaif - just his fielding is enough to demoralize the opponents.
  15. Uthappa - hard-hitting batsman. may be effective on WI wickets.
Who do you think will make it to the list of 15 on Feb 12? If you were a selector, whom will you choose?

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