Monday, January 28, 2013

An anniversary wish

One holy union. Three days of rituals. Many days of preparation.

Accepting a new person into your life. Knowing him better. Sharing. Caring. Giving. Forgiving. Making him your better half.

Moving away from your biological parents. Accepting hitherto unknown people as your new parents. Wondering how they will turn out to be.

Moving away from your hometown. Staying in an alien city. Gradually coming to the terms with it. Making the place your own.

Multiple relatives to deal with. Many moments of awkwardness. Occasional forced smiles.

Learning new languages.
Expanding your food palate.

Missing old friends. Making new friends.

Moments of excitement. Dealing with nerve-jangling pressure. Handling the adrenalin rush.

Bearing a boy. Raising him. Dealing with his tantrums.
Being there for him when he is in distress.
Catching him when he falls.
Teaching him life lessons.
Watching him grow up in front of your eyes.
Experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Some moments to remember. Some to forget.

Quite a journey it must have been.

It all started on this day, a decade ago.

Happy 10th year of marital bliss.


Karthi said...

excellent tribute machi...

Arun said...

Thanks Mams

Lini said...

Superb... Nice to c a guy writing about a girl, her feelings, what she goes thru once she is married.. All so apt..Great work..Kudos..!!

Arun said...

Thanks Lini