Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pleasant Surprise from Airtel

I am not a big fan of Airtel's mobile services, especially their customer care. I've heard people ranting about being overcharged by Airtel. I have even had a bad experience with their customer care when they disconnected my post-paid CUG mobile connection without any prior intimation, which ultimately turned out to be a flaw in their process. Sometimes I've had the impression that Airtel treats you nicely only as long as you are their prospective customer. Once you become their customer, their attitude can change quite dramatically. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I got this SMS from Airtel.

Thank you for paying your Airtel Mobile bill well before the due date! We appreciate your gesture and look forward to serving you better at all times!

Wow, so is Airtel finally beginning to care about their customers? Are they feeling the heat with fierce competition breathing down their neck? Is number portability forcing them to be nicer?

Whatever it is, I'm not complaining since Airtel made me feel nice, for a change.

Update: I happened to tweet this post and got a response from Airtel within 5 minutes! Now that is fast. Airtel have surely improved their social media presence!


Karthi said...

Airtel is definitely feeling the heat from its competitors. I got a couple of calls from Airtel reps asking if the issue was fixed, and if everything was okay. This was regarding my broadband connectivity issue I had raised a couple of weeks back.

I am guessing this will not last long and Airtel will be back to its ways.

Arun said...

I'd used Airtel broadband before without any problem. Their broadband division is good. They are prompt to respond to your queries. But the same cannot be said of the mobile service division. I guess it is probably due to the volume of requests they have to handle.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Social media is doing wonders in enhancing customer service and in responding to customer feedback. Good post.

Arun said...

Thanks Swapna. I recommended a similar social media approach to my friend and it worked out well for him too:-)